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Believe it or not, I’m two weeks shy of one year of living here in Burkina.  I was thinking of how I could commemorate this and had a (hopefully) fantastic idea.  I was reflecting on how occasionally I write a blog post and I never really know who reads it if really anyone at all.  Thus, I concluded that maybe there are people out there (family, friends, random people stumbling upon this blog) who might have questions for me regarding life, work, service, going to the bathroom, etc.  Or not.  Well, I’m banking on the fact that maybe there are a few questions out there since I’m certain I’ve left at least a few things open ended over the past twelve months.  And I am taking advantage of the fact that I will be in Ouaga for the week with internet.  There.

So go ahead, ask away as a comment to this post!  You can post it anonymously if you so choose!  I’ll have internet each evening and will be able to respond.  This will be fun.

Hope all is well.


PS:  Our Camp HEERE was a great success.  Expect a post devoted to the camp, and devoted to thanking everyone who donated to help make it a reality for roughly sixty young students in the Sourou Valley.

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